Terms & Conditions

Please read and agree to these terms and conditions in order to use this service:

This legal agreement between you and SHOWclubhk app governs your use of this app service (The "SHOWclubhk")

SHOW Club is the provider of SHOWclubhk app, which permits you access to SHOW Club's digital content for end user use only under the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement.

The SHOWclubhk app is available for individuals aged 18 or older.

The SHOWclubhk is available to you only in Hong Kong. You agree not to use or attempt to use the SHOWclubhk from outside this location.

As a registered user of the SHOWclubhk app, you may establish an account ("Account"). You are highly advised to not reveal your Account information to anyone else. You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of your Account and for all activities that occur on or through your Account, and you agree to immediately notify SHOW Club of any security breach of your Account. SHOW Club shall not be responsible for any losses arising out of the unauthorized use of your Account.

In order to register SHOWclubhk app and enter the winning prize games, you must enter your Name in Full/ VIP Numbers / Email info to authenticate your account. You agree to provide accurate and complete information when you register with, and as you use, the SHOWclubhk app and you agree to update your SHOWclubhk app data to keep it accurate and complete. You agree that SHOW Club may store and use the SHOWclubhk app registration data you provide for use in maintaining to your Account and for participating in promotional activities in SHOWclubhk app.

You understand that by using SHOWclubhk app, you may encounter material that you may deem to be offensive, indecent or objectionable, and that such content may or may not be identified as having explicit material. Nevertheless, you agree to use the SHOWclubhk app at your sole risk and SHOW Club shall have no liability to you for material that may be found to be offensive, indecent or objectionable.

All copyrights in SHOWclubhk app are owned by SHOW Club, who reserve all rights in law and equity.

SHOW Club reserves the rights at any time to modify this agreement and to impose new or additional terms or conditions on your use of the SHOWclubhk app. Such modifications and additional terms and conditions will be effective immediately and incorporated into this Agreement. Your continued use of this app will be deemed acceptance thereof.

SHOWclubhk app / SHOW Club reserves the right to modify, suspend, or discontinue the use of SHOWclubhk app (or any part or content thereof) at any time with or without notice to you, and SHOWc Club will not be liable to you or to any third party should it exercise such rights.